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5th Annual Kansas Healthcare Ethics Conference

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018 1:52:28 PM
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Comfort Care Homes joins the conversation about ethical decision-making in healthcare

Nurses, doctors, therapists, caregivers, health administrators, social workers, and family members are affected by ethical decisions in healthcare. For those who work in hospitals, medical offices, or care facilities, challenging ethical situations can be faced almost every day. These dilemmas can occur while providing care, making end of life care decisions, cost of care, honoring religious or personal beliefs, and the use of technology in providing care. As a providing of residential memory care, Comfort Care Homes faces these and other ethical issues.

The purpose of this year’s 5th Annual Kansa Healthcare Ethics Conference is to stimulate the discussion of real life ethical issues. Medical professionals and care providers are facing a variety of challenging, but similar challenges regularly. By learning about how to understand, approach, and resolve these issues, professionals across the U.S can provide better medical care to improve the lives of people throughout the country.

Event Speakers

This year’s conference features 9 speakers, all diverse in their educational and professional backgrounds, who will be speaking about a variety of topics. Chief Gordon Ramsey, Chief of Police for the Wichita Police Department, will open the conference by talking about the Homeless Outreach Team of the WPD. Next, Dr. Robin Walker will talk about the medical challenges faced by the homeless and his experiences led him to educate himself on the needs of the homeless population in Wichita, KS.

Other topics of interest include:

  • Ethical dilemmas with commercial and genetic testing
  • Ethical consequences of the technology in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit
  • Serious illness planning and end of life care decisions
  • Maintaining personal health while providing this important care for others

Vallerie Gleason, President and CEO of the Newton Medical Center in Kansas will also be speaking at this year’s conference. Comfort Care Homes was honored to hear Vallerie present last October when she was the keynote speaker at the 6th Annual Kansas Education Conference on Dementia. Vallerie has experienced first-hand that it takes a team of individuals working together to provide adequate Alzheimer’s disease care and dementia care. She was hundreds of miles away while both of her parents were dealing with a dementia diagnosis and learned the importance of having a support system of family, friends, professional caregivers, and healthcare professionals.

To learn more about Vallerie Gleason, read our blog “Working as a Team to Provide Alzheimer’s Disease Care”

Goals of Health Care Ethics Discussions

The topics of this year’s conference cover a variety of medical specialties and situations. While you may not work directly with the homeless, the elderly, or NICU patients, the topics discussed are meant to bring about new thoughts and solutions for participants. The truth is that these dilemmas occur every day in our healthcare communities, not only in Kansas but throughout the country. In order to provide a high standard of care, healthcare professionals need to understand the obstacles those in their field are facing.

Some of the goals of this conference are for participants to be able to:

  • Describe how to ethically provide basic healthcare to challenging populations
  • Assess moral and religious factors and how they impact a person’s approach to making medical decisions
  • Understand genetic testing and the importance of pretest counseling
  • Recognize the need for end of life care conversations within the family
  • Reframe frustrating or stressful situations to allow them to “roll off your shoulders”

Comfort Care Homes and other participants will receive tools kits that help conduct conversations about serious illness planning. These toolkits can be passed along to patients, families, staff, counselors, or colleagues. Taking the skills and tools learned in the conference back into the ‘real-world’ will help professionals and family members alike make more ethical healthcare decisions, provide better care, and live healthier lives without the overwhelming feeling that ethical dilemmas can cause.

Continuing Education

This event has been approved as a continuing education course for a variety of healthcare professionals. For nurses, MICT/EMT, RRT, social workers, adult health care home administrator/operator, physicians, and all other categories – refer to the Conference Brochure for complete qualification and reporting information.

The 5th Annual Kansas Health Care Ethics Conference will be on Wednesday, 28, 2018. Walk-in registration is available. The conference will be held at the Eugene M. Hughes Metropolitan Complex, 5015 E. 29th Street N. Room 180, Wichita, KS 67220. If you have questions about registration, please contact Teresa Carter at (316) 686-7172 or ethics@wmref-ks.org.

For complete conference information, please visit our Events page.

For more information about memory care services provided by Comfort Care Homes, please call our office at (316) 444-0532 or visit our website: http://comfortcarehomeswichita.com/



I will always be grateful for the founder’s presentation to Downtown Wichita Kiwanis 20 years ago. His (Charles Stark) comments stayed with me, making the choice of care providers easy for me. Smaller really is better. I am familiar with several “retirement” communities and “memory care” services. Very few match the quality of care provided my ComfortCare Homes. Thank you.

- Barrick Wilson



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