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ComfortCare Homes Pets

The bond between pets and people is special, if not therapeutic. It is a relationship that is emotional and reciprocal. Our furry friends give us comfort, companionship and kindness. But we might suggest that they offer important health benefits, as well. Many times our pets know more about us and what we need than we realize. For this reason, ComfortCare Homes welcomes house pets when it fits the house and the Residents that call ComfortCare “home”.

Meet our Pets

DennisDennis (Director of Security) 

Dennis is a special cat living a charmed live. He came to us through the Valley Center Pet Rescue and now lives in the main offices of ComfortCare Homes. Mr. Stark knighted him Director of Security since he enjoys patrolling the various areas of the office. He likes to greet every guest in the lobby and offer comfort to many families walking in for the first time to discuss placing a loved one. As you can imagine, that is a difficult time for any family, but Dennis is there to curl up in their lap and offer his special kind of support. Dennis has become so popular in our office building that people from other businesses stop by just to see him.

Dewey is a Shih Tzu and has been with ComfortCare Homes for some time. A mascot for the special place animals have in our homes, Dewey has been a wonderful companion to his Residents. He is a willing participant of the daily lives of our Residents, including an afternoon nap on the couch when you are ready to put your feet up. He also enjoys scouting the backyard for rabbits. Most importantly, Dewey knows when a Resident is having a challenging day and needs a little extra attention. Animals truly are amazing and instinctual creatures.


Chewy (and his brother Ollie) has a special place in the Stark family. Originally the pet of Doug Stark’s (President of ComfortCare Homes) daughter, Anna; this four-legged friend brings warmth to the lives of our Residents at our Ridgewood Home. Chewy is an adventurer. After a long day of exploring and protecting the backyard, Chewy comes in for a hearty meal and the additional responsibility to review how each Resident is doing. His loving inspection brings a smile to each Resident.

ChewyKatie (Retired)
Saying goodbye is hard. But today we retired a special member of our ComfortCare Homes team. Katie proudly served as one of our home pets. She was kind-hearted and easy with Residents. She is off to New York City were a family member of one of our Residents has adopted her and has plans to give her a pampered retirement. Katie’s advanced age was making it more difficult for her to interact in our homes. Now she will have a penthouse view and plenty of puppy comforts. We love you Katie!


Ollie (and his brother Chewy) has a special place in the Stark family. Originally the pet of Doug Stark’s (President of ComfortCare Homes) daughter, Anna; this four-legged friend brings warmth to the lives of our Residents at our Ridgewood Home. Ollie enjoys morning strolls in the backyard and then a long afternoon nap on the foot of Residents’ beds.


Speedy came to us by way of his original owner who moved into our Morningside house. Initially, he was very independent and spent most of his time outside and on the back porch. He was used to his freedom and roaming the yard like he had on the old farm. After Speedy’s owner passed, the family felt this old cat had found a new home. Today, Speedy and his girlfriend, Mrs. Speedy, live a comfortable life together. And this old outdoor cat now finds as much pleasure curling up in the laps of our Residents as he does roaming the yard.


Skye came to us by way of her original owner who moved into our Broadmoor house. Skye is a West Highland White Terrier. Even though Skye and her owner had not been with us long, her impact on the other Residents was noticeable. After Skye’s owner passed, her family decided she should stay with us. To date, Skye’s family still stop by to visit regularly and take her home for weekends. Skye is a unique gift to us from a very kind family. And our Residents benefit from the laughter and joy this playful puppy brings to the home.

ChewyMrs. Speedy

Mrs. Speedy came to the Morningside house after Mr. Speedy welcomed her into his domain.  It was a match made in Heaven.  Now, these two have a special place in the hearts and lives of our Residents.  The joy of caring for other creatures is therapeutic.  And in return, these two old back porch cats have given so much joy and companionship to us.

About Us


“I have been impressed with Founders Crest (ComfortCare’s newest Home).  It will be a safe and comfortable place for mom to live out her remaining years.”

- Deb Rector



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