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Memory Care For Seniors Struggling With Alzheimer’s Disease Or Dementia

Learn how ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS can help your senior loved one live with Alzheimer’s disease

ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS provides exceptional Alzheimer’s disease and memory care in a residential small-group setting. We advocate for Residents doing as much for themselves as they can, but we’re always there to help a Resident with his or her individual needs.

Our Standards of Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia Care

Our two levels of memory care, Traditional and Advanced, provide the services Residents need in a caring, home environment families look for when choosing where to place a loved one. Our staff will conduct a free on-site nursing evaluation to determine the right level of care for your loved one. We also offer a short-term stay option. This is a great solution when a family needs a break or is trying to figure out the next step.

Traditional Memory Care

For Residents who require assistance for most daily living activities. These Homes are locked and secured and provide care similar to an independent living f ility, but in a REAL Home environment.

Advanced Memory Care 

For Residents with advanced physical and cognitive needs. The best choice for families who don’t want nursing home placement, but understand a higher level of care is now required.

Short-Term Stay Memory Care

For Residents on Hospice or Home Health, who are transitioning from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, or whose family or primary caregiver needs a respite from the rigors of daily care.

How ComfortCare Homes of Wichita is Different from a Typical Alzheimer’s Disease Care Facility

Wichita Memory Care Home

Not “home-like”, but a real home

While typical assisted living facilities may promote themselves as being “home-like”, we will care for your loved one with Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, or other memory impairments in an actual home. In fact, a ComfortCare Home looks just like any other house on the street. There are no signs outside the spacious, attractive ranch-style Homes. Inside, you’ll find a warm, inviting residence rather than a maze of long, impersonal halls and identical rooms.

What’s unusual about life at ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS is that nothing is unusual. One Resident sits in her favorite chair and works on a quilt. Another tends his garden. Others take in the sunshine in the security of their own backyard. By performing the same kinds of tasks they would in their own home, surrounded by furnishings and objects that feel familiar, our Residents are able to foster links with the past. This helps ease confusion and anxiety for Alzheimer’s and dementia sufferers.

Higher staff to Resident Ratio

Unfortunately, most memory care units in nursing homes aren’t able to provide enough assistance for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, because the staff is spread among a large group of patients, many of whom need skilled nursing care. The fact is, most dementia sufferers don’t need clinical care or the strict scheduling regimen followed by larger facilities.

We offer a higher ratio of certified staff to Residents than you will find in larger institutional nursing facilities or assisted living centers. Each ComfortCare Home has a dedicated Care Team, consisting of a well-trained and compassionate staff of CareGivers. This means your loved one will become familiar with their CareGivers and foster close bonds, rather than being cared for by a staff that changes every few hours.

Life enrichment activities tailored for the memory-impaired

Life at ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS is not about playing bridge and shuffleboard or gathering around a table for craft time. The fact is, activities that work well for residents of a traditional assisted living facility can be distressing for those who need memory care. Depending on the progression of their disease, people with dementia have a diminished ability to sequence and rationalize, so following the steps of a card game can become overwhelming.

The life enrichment program at ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS includes sensory activities that are all about connecting Residents with memories and positive feelings through the senses of touch, taste, hearing and even smell. We provide daily socialization and physical activity without making Residents feel overstimulated.

Our residents are like our family

Large, institutional memory care facilities are often too large for the staff to get to know each Resident personally. At ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS, we get to know each Resident’s history, and we care for your loved one like they were our own. Even our President, Mr. Stark, gets to know each Resident and his or her family caregivers. Meeting each Resident’s needs is personal to Mr. Stark, and he is passionate about providing memory care in a safe, comfortable home environment.

We set expectations for realistic results

It’s unrealistic for a facility to promise perfection when it comes to memory-impairing diseases like Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but moving your loved one to a family home instead of an institution can minimize the “transfer trauma” of changing to new surroundings. At ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS, we focus on psychological and social comfort, so many of our Residents rely less on medication to treat anxiety and agitation.

Simple pricing that includes more than just the basics

Unlike a memory care unit in a large senior living or assisted living facility, we don’t charge extra for having a certain room location or view, administering medication, or incontinence care. At ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS, our focus is only on one class of disease: Alzheimer’s, stroke, Parkinson’s, and dementia. Because of the nature of these memory-impairing diseases, many of our Residents are already on medication when they arrive, and incontinence needs are common and can even fluctuate. That’s why these services are included for all Residents, at no additional charge.

See for yourself how ComfortCare Homes of Wichita, KS provides a different type of memory care. Contact us to schedule a tour today.

Memory Care


“When we came for the picnic lunch June 27th, we were impressed with the CareGiver.  She had the ability to keep her eyes on everyone’s needs and visit with us at the same time.  CareGivers are always pleasant.”

- Carter Luerding



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