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Working as a Team to Provide Alzheimer’s Disease Care

Thursday, October 26th, 2017 1:31:34 PM
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Keynote speaker Vallerie Gleason will present “A Community of Care” at 6th Annual Kansas Education Conference on Dementia

Next week, November 2nd, the 6th Annual Kansas Education Conference on Dementia will begin at the Kansas Star Event Center in Mulvane, KS. This conference welcomes local professionals, families, friends, and students to join the discussion on Alzheimer’s disease care and the learn about the most up-to-date research.

The structure of this year’s event is built around two keynote speakers and multiple break-out sessions. Topics for the breakout sessions include cutting-edge research and Alzheimer’s disease trial opportunities, local memory care facilities, senior activity programs, on-going education opportunities, and professional networks. Those in attendance can pick those topics which interest them most and choose which breakout sessions to attend.

Continuing education opportunities are available for nurses, administrators, and operators of adult care homes. Certificates of attendance can be provided to those who pre-register for the conference. Comfort Care Homes of Wichita is proud to attend the event as a renewed dedication to ongoing education.

Meet Keynote Speaker Vallerie Gleason

One of the two keynote speakers at this year’s event is Vallerie Gleason. Currently, Val is the president and chief executive officer at Newton Medical Center in Kansas. She is also a Registered Nurse who has worked in healthcare in various capacities since 1975. [Source]

After both of her parents were diagnosed with dementia in 2016, Val found herself taking on a new and unprecedented role. She learned that it takes a community to care for someone with dementia. Val’s presentation at this year’s Kansas Education Conference on Dementia will focus on her journey with her parents, as a health professional, and the oldest daughter living 975 miles away.

“A Community of Care, Built on Trust and Communication”

Vallerie has experienced first-hand that it takes a team of individuals working together to provide adequate Alzheimer’s disease care and dementia care. This is the basis of her presentation and also something that resonates with many family caregivers. Providing care for a loved one with dementia brings about emotional and critical decisions that require support and assistance. Having a deep bench of family, friends, professional caregivers, and healthcare professionals to offer helping hand in a crisis can make a major difference in your loved one’s well-being as well as your own.

For Vallerie, she was hundreds of miles away when her parents were dealing with a dementia diagnosis. Many adult children live far away from senior parents and are unable to drop their careers, family responsibilities, and personal lives to move back with their parents. This may cause feelings of guilt, being unable to provide primary care for a loved one. Building a trusted community of care providers can help ensure your loved one is receiving quality care even when you can’t be there.

Creating a Care Community for Your Loved one

There is not one singular plan of care for a senior with Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. Each person presents symptoms differently and has preferences on how they would like to live. Families can work with their loved ones to create a dementia care plan that works best for their unique situation. In the earlier stages of Alzheimer’s or dementia, this may include adult day programs and part-time in-home care. As the diseases progress, full-time memory care in an assisted living facility may provide the best support.

In her presentation, Vallerie will talk about the importance of sharing in the learning. Family caregivers should find opportunities to share their experiences with others in similar situations. Building trust between healthcare professionals and patients and their families is important for communication and learning. This community built on trust can help those who need it most: family caregivers and their loved ones with dementia.

At this year’s conference, there will be an opportunity to talk with healthcare professionals, care facility operators, and caregivers. If you are unable to attend, consider researching local dementia care professionals in Wichita, KS. ComfortCare Homes is a leading provider of memory care in a residential facility. Our care staff is happy to speak to you about our services as well as connect you to other local resources.

For more information about the Alzheimer’s disease care services provided by Comfort Care Homes, please call our office at (316) 444-0532 or visit our website: http://comfortcarehomeswichita.com/



“This is the best place for people with memory problems that are advanced.  I am very comfortable leaving my mom in your care.  I don’t know how we could have made it through till now without you.  Now that my mom is at Founders Crest (ComfortCare’s newest Home), I believe there is no other place she could be more well taken care of.  Mama is treated as an inidvidual and not just any old lady.  Thankful!”

- Lisa Boorigie



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